Father’s Day Special

Gift Certificates and Extras for Dad!
Father’s Day is the 21st of June!  So you have some time to get on these Gift Certificates!
Gift Certificates are 20% off.
Purchase a Gift Certificate valued over $100 and receive FREE Aromatherapy!
Purchase a Gift Certificate valued over $150 and receive a FREE 15 minute Classic Sauna Session!

Learn more about aromatherapy by reading here and about the sauna by reading here.

June Specials
15% Off a Private Yoga Session

For the month of June, come in for a private yoga session and get loose and ready for your summer day!  Yoga can help you feel more grounded, stretched, and strong, which is a great way to go into a long summer day.

Have a private yoga session in conjunction with a massageand receive an EXTRA 10% offyour yoga session.
15% OFF a Demi or Full Free Your Mind  
This super relaxing treatment is great for relieving sinus pressure, migraines and other headaches, shoulder and neck tension, or just for the simple relaxation.
It goes great with a massage as an enhancement (demi) or go for the full 30 minute treatment for extra relaxation.  The full length treatment is also great on its own!
10% RASA Relax Massage
Sometimes you just need to relax during a massage.  Most clients come in with specific needs, which we treat deeper and more specific work.  But sometimes, the body just needs a break!  This treatment is how we address the need to just let go.
If you still want some more specific work with your relaxation, maybe add a few extra minutes for Focused Fusion, which works out the problem areas, and then gets you right back into the relaxation zone.  Add the Focused Fusion to your RASA Relax and get an EXTRA 5% off for the two!
“Fine Print:”
Please contact RASA with any questions and/or to book. Please mention the promotion to receive discount. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Cannot be used on already booked appointments. Some restrictions apply.
Father’s Day: Limit 3 Gift Certificates for the month.  Please use these Gift Certificates for others, or yourself if you fall into the “dad or someone who embodies that title”.
The Below Specials are valid until the 30th of June.
Private Yoga Session: Up to three of these specials for the month of June may be used, including use with the extra massage special.
Free Your Mind: May be used up to three times during the month of June.
RASA Relax:  May be used up to two times during the month of June, including with the extra Focused Fusion special.
Thanks for taking the time to read our fancy email!  We look forward to serving you soon!!

Ashleigh Rivers


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