Happy Spring and Happy Holidays for those who have recently or are currently celebrating!

This February was my 16th anniversary of receiving my massage license. This means more 1100 hours of education in massage (and nearly 1000 more hours of education in yoga and other continuing education, not including my medical studies classes), over 15,000 hours of experience, and a few thousand different clients of all kinds over the years. It would be an understatement to say I am passionate about what I do, and I hope that is clear in every interaction you have with me as a client.

At RASA, we strive to provide you with the best massage and spa services, use the highest quality products we are able, use products that are environmentally friendly as much as possible, provide an atmosphere conducive to an peaceful experience, and so much more. We make great efforts to make your whole experience as delightful as we are able. We hope all of this is clear in every interaction you have with RASA.

This is a long one, sorry—Please keep reading for COVID (non-)Update, Exciting News, and Spring Specials (The specials are what you’re here for, right? 😉 They are at the bottom to encourage you to read what is before them.). Always and forever, we are ever so thankful for our loyal and committed clients—that’s YOU!!
~Ashleigh 🙏💚

Cancellation Policy Reminder
Each active RASA client has signed the agreement for this policy, but we know not everyone remembers how it works, especially after the last two years. Please review the policy carefully. 
We would like to remind everyone of the cancellation policy (below). We have been very relaxed with the policy over the last two years to help keep everyone safe as we dealt with COVID. Now we need to be a little more strict in enforcing the policy again to protect our time and our income. Please also be aware that if you have an active Series Package, we can either charge the cancellation fee to a card or deduct from the Series Package. If you do not specify a preference, we will deduct from the Series Package on file.
If you do need to cancel please do so by text or phone call (and leave a voicemail since we are often unable to answer). We tend to get those faster and more easily than an email.
RASA’s Cancellation PolicyA credit card is required to book any appointment with RASA. In the event that an appointment with RASA is cancelled, the following cancellation terms will apply:If the cancellation notice is made to RASA within 3 hours of the appointment, the card on file is subject to a charge equal to the full price for the scheduled appointment.If a cancellation notice is made to RASA within 24 hours of the appointment, but at least 3 hours before the appointment, then the card on file is subject to a charge equal to half of the full price of the scheduled appointment.All cancellations must be made to RASA within the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Cancellations made after 8:00 p.m. are considered accepted on the next business day at 8:00 a.m. For example, if you have an appointment at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, a cancellation made after 8:00 p.m. on the prior Tuesday is considered a cancellation within 3 hours of the appointment and you will be subject to a charge equal to the full price of the appointment. Additionally, if you have an 11:00 a.m. appointment on Wednesday, a cancellation made at 8 a.m. on that Wednesday is considered within 3 hours of the appointment and you will be subject to a charge equal to the full price of the appointment.Cancellations made at least 24 hours in advance will not be charged a cancellation fee.Any person who schedules an appointment but does not show-up and does not cancel the appointment (a “no-show”) is subject to a charge equal to the full price of the appointment.We understand that emergency situations do occur which may cause unexpected cancellations and we will try to be as accommodating and understanding of these situations as possible. For this reason, we ask that you please communicate any cancellation notices to us as soon as possible.
A COVID (non-)Update
We Know, We’re All Tired of It, But…While we have relaxed some of our protocols, we have been advised by Ashleigh’s medical team, to continue to mask for a while longer, depending on the course of the virus. And of course masking is not just for Ashleigh; it is for each and every person on the table (or mat). We want to continue to protect you, your family, and whomever else you may have in your life who might be at a greater risk. We so hope that this will not need to continue into the summer, but we don’t want to make the call prematurely especially as we are seeing another rise in cases around the country and world.
We appreciate your continued understanding on this matter!
Yoga Training Graduation
I Graduated!I very nearly forgot to share with everything else happening in this email!
I just graduated from my 300/500 hour Yoga Teacher Training. I am now E-RYT 200, RYT 500 (Experience Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hour, Registered Yoga Teacher 500 hour)! I spent 5 days at the Himalayan Institute in PA soaking up all the yoga bliss I could to bring back with me.
I don’t currently have a regular teaching schedule (and haven’t since I started back to school), but I hope to find a way to get a somewhat regular schedule going soon. I am teaching about twice a month at Alegria Dance Studio, but we are working on that class schedule. You can follow @RASAWSH on Instagram and Facebook for updates on when I am teaching.
I am also working on an Advanced Anatomy for Yoga training with a physical therapist who is providing a uniquely informed perspective that allows for a safer and more sustainable practice for many. I plan to share some of that training in the coming months for an anatomy “update” (of sorts) for yoga teachers (and maybe fitness professionals in general?).
Can’t stop, won’t stop learning! Forever a student. 🤓 So much more to learn, always!
Spring Specials: What You Were Really Looking For

Package Discount: from now until the 31st of May, all Series packages will be an additional 5% off the already discounted prices. This will give a steeper discount and will allow purchase of the Series Packages at a rate that will not be available again. This gives you a way to avoid the price increase a good bit longer. Please see fine print below for more information.

Lypossage: it’s been two years since we have offered Lypossage and probably 3 years since we have offered a special for it! Learn more about Lypossage here. From now until the end of May 2022, a single Zone of Lypossage will be $500 off and each additional Zone is another $100 off. Please be aware that Lypossage is a schedule commitment and requires a fairly flexible schedule as well. While appointments are available. Please see the fine print below for more information.
Specials- Fine Print: Please contact RASA with any questions and/or to book. Please mention the promotion when booking as well as at your appointment to receive the discount. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Cannot be used on already booked appointments. Series packages always have expirations and this is also true when they are on special. Some restrictions apply. While appointment bookings are available (no rain checks).  Please contact Ashleigh with any questions by call or text at 803-386-8203 or by email at Ashleigh@RASAWholeHealth.com. These Special expires on the 31st of May 2022: Series Packages:  Limit 2 series at discounted package. Please remember to use your Series Package before the expiration! Visit **website** and find the service for which you have or would like to have a Series Package to see how long the various packages are valid. Lypossage: Limit 3 zones at discount per client. May be used on all three zones at once. There is an additional discount of $100 per additional zone for those wishing to complete two or all three zones at the same time. Payment must be made in full in order to book a Lypossage series and each zone must be paid in full in order to receive the multi-zone discount. Slim and Detox Wraps and Sauna Sessions may not be used a future date but must be scheduled at the same time as the Lypossage sessions. The Lypossage treatments are meant to be completed in 4-6 weeks. In case something does come up, the expiration has more time. All of this and more will be completed in the initial visit/consultation.

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