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*At this time we are unable to take new clients for massage, bodywork, spa services, and yoga unless you have been referred by a current client. Please be aware that even if you have been referred by a current client, it could take up to 8 weeks or more to find an appointment option for you.
We are able to take new clients for the sauna (with limited availability).
We apologize and hope we can be of service in the future!*

RASA wants to help you develop your practice so you can cultivate your own individual experience with yoga and observe how it
evolves over time and how that evolution affects everything in your life in a most amazing way. Our approach to this is to offer private yoga sessions.  In these sessions, we will focus on specific problems and use yoga to help strengthen a weaker area, create flexibility and space in a restricted area, work on alignment so the body can maintain a healthy practice, and/or be another resource for a developing or thriving practice.  (Read more about yoga here.)

Ashleigh teaches one on one in the RASA studio.

(Currently Ashleigh is taking a break from teaching regular classes while she is in school, but she may be found subbing for some of her old classes on occasion!)

Yoga Asana Sessions:
These sessions will focus on the physical practice of yoga with breath work and a warm-up, asana sequence for specific issues, and savasana (resting pose), to close.

60 min:……………………..$105

Samasta Hatha Session:
Samasta means whole, so this session will incorporate what many believe makes up a whole practice– centering breath work, warm-ups, a longer sequence of asanas, longer savasana, pranayama, and meditation. (Either of these two classes are also a great way to be introduced to yoga at RASA.)

90 min:………………………$150

Sandhya means, among other things, meditation. This is a simple guided meditation session for those times you just need to be quiet and led into a blissful calm state.

30 min:……………………..$70

Yoga Series*:

Yoga Asana Sessions:
Series of 5:………………… $485           Series of 10:…………………… $915

Samasta Hatha Sessions
Series of 5:………………… $690           Series of 10:………………….. $1305

Dhyana Sessions:
Series of 5:………………… $320           Series of 10:………………….. $610

*Series Packages of 5 Sessions Expire 6 Months After the Date of Purchase.
*Series Packages of 10 Sessions Expire 12 Months After the Date of Purchase.

Yoga is an ancient practice that encompasses spiritual, mental, as well as physical disciplines.  The term yoga comes from the ancient Sanskrit word for yoke, which is interpreted as a joining together or union.  The practice of the different forms of yoga over many years unites the mind, body, and spirit in order to achieve permanent peace.

There are many different forms of yoga and all of them are of great benefit.  At RASA we focus on some of the more easily practiced forms of yoga, mainly the physical practice of yoga poses, or asanas, in what is often called Hatha yoga.  We also spend some time with pranayama, or working on the extension of our life force through specific breath work. The practice of physical yoga is said to prepare the body for meditation, which RASA also integrates.

Hatha yoga is not just about stretching, though it is certainly involved.  The practice of different asanas in a vinyasa, or wise progression of postures creates balance in the body by increasing both flexibility as well as strength so the body performs as it was designed. A few of the other benefits of a regular practice of yoga are improved mental health, stress reduction, increased bone density, improved spinal health, improved overall muskulo-skeletal health, and alleviation of certain symptoms of stress disorders such as PTSD.  Yoga has been used as an intervention for cancer, asthma, heart disease, schizophrenia, and more.  It can be used as a form of physical therapy and some use yoga as a complete exercise program.

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