April Specials and News

Dear Ashleigh,

Happy Spring everyone!  I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weather (I could do without the yellow all over everything, but all in good time.)

See below for some news and then THE APRIL SPECIALS! (always the best part, right?)

New Software!  Finally…

Perhaps you’ve noticed, our emails got a fancy make-over!  This means we are also actually finally implementing our new software!  It only took a little over 4 months to get here…  So again, I plead for patience as we learn the new software and work out any bugs (and we hope there aren’t many of those).

Some things you may notice:
-the new email pretty emails!
-email confirmations (I’m still working on the auto text ones.  If you get one, let me know!)
-ONLINE SCHEDULE!!  You can now check for appointment availability and request an appointment on the website! Check it out!  Some of you have been asking for a way to see availability online and, voila!  Here ya go!
-probably some more pretty cool stuff I haven’t even figured out yet.
With the new software comes some features that will help RASA track things and keep better organized.  (So much yay.) There are also some things that will change for some of you, and we wanted to let you all know:
-packages will now have an expiration date as will anything that has been prepaid
-the 5% credit card fees will be automatically added.  Since the fees are something that are still pretty new to me, I sometimes forget -to add them in.  If your totals are suddenly different from what they used to be, this is why.  They do not typically add much to the totals.  Want to avoid the 5% fee?  Bring a CHECK (yes, that much antiquated pay method still works) or CASH.

A Price Decrease (awesome!) and Other News:
-In an effort to help stream line some things, all prices are the same for everyone for now!  This means the price is the same for some of you, and for others, it means a decrease of price by about $5.  Awesome, right?  You can see the prices for massage and bodywork here and the prices for wraps and scrubs here or just navigate the website to find more info on prices.  The FRIENDS of RASA program is on hold for right now until the new software has had time to track clients so that program can begin in the near future.

-After a little over a year of being a part of RASA, Jessica and her family are relocating for an awesome new job for her husband.  We are very sad to see her leave, but super excited for the opportunity for her family! She has said she may be back from time to time to help out, so RASA will keep you all posted on that.

20% off Lypossage!

Get a head start on feeling great this summer! Lypossage Series and Maintenance Sessions are 20% this month!

Lypossage is an 18 session program over 6 weeks to help tone up and slim down.  The average inch loss is 7 inches per zone!
Read more about Lypossage
20% off Slim and Detox!

A little less commitment may be more what you’re looking for to get you ready for summer. Slim and Detox Wraps are 20% off. Want a package?  Get an additional 5% off Slim and Detox Packages.

The Slim and Detox Wraps are great for getting rid of waste and toxins in your body, which allows for firming and slimming at those fussy places most of us have.
Scroll down and read about these wraps!
For the Massage Junkie, 20% off the RASA Whole Self Treatment

Sometimes you just need a good lllooonnnggg massage.  The Whole Self Treatment is about a 3 hour service of massage to really work out those kinks, stretch some tight areas, and allow you some good, deep relaxation.  A favorite of massage therapists, this treatment will leave you feeling totally blissed.

Fine Print:
Please contact RASA with any questions and/or to book. Please mention the promotion to receive discount. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Cannot be used on already booked appointments. Some restrictions apply.

Lypossage Discount: This special only good for the month of April, 2014.The full Series of Lypossage must be paid for upfront to receive discount.  Maintenance sessions are paid for at the time of service.
Slim and Detox Discount: This special only good for the month of April, 2014.  Limit 4 wraps in the month of April. at the discounted price  Packages may be bought during April and used until their expiration date.
Whole Self Treatment: This specials is only good for the month of April, 2014.  Limit purchase for this service is 3 at the special rate for April.

Thanks for taking the time to read our fancy email!  We look forward to serving you soon!!

Ashleigh Rivers


RASA Whole Self Health
Still reachable by phone at 803-386-9203, voice or text
24 hour cancellation policy