August Specials and 50% off Sauna Series

I would like to take a moment to say thank you to all for being such great clients. You are all a huge part of why I love what I do! So cheers to you for that.
There are several specials going up for this month, so read up on and take advantage of these awesome deals!
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Back to School

Purchase One Massage Get Your Next at 25% Off 
Get back on track with self care after your summer vacation!  Book a massage before the 25th of August for an hour or more and rebook your next appointment  before you leave and receive 25% offyour next massage for an hour or more.
Add Aromatherapy to enhance your experience for just $3! See below for more information.

Current Client Sauna Special

Huge Discounts for Current Clients on the Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna
RASA will be running a huge discount for NEW clients in the coming weeks on GroupOn.  In the meantime, YOU have the opportunity to take advantage of an EVEN BETTER discount.
From now until the 25th of August all the Classic Sauna Session Packages are 50% off! Yes, you read that correctly, 50% off.
Upgrade your Classic Sauna Session to a Programmed Sauna Session for just $3 a session— $3 each visit upgraded or $15 for the full package of 5 or $30 for the full package of 10.
-30 minute Classic Sauna Session upgrades to Anti-Aging, Weight Loss, Pain Relief, or Muscle  Recovery and Wound Healing.
-45 minute Classic Sauna Session upgrades to Detoxification, Relaxation, Cardiovascular Health, or  Immunity and Cellular Health.
Enhance your Sauna Experience for a discount as well!
15 minute Classic Sauna Session: $1 for SO Sound or ART
                                                       $2 for SO Sound & ART
30 minute Classic Sauna Session: $2 for SO Sound or ART
                                                       $3 for SO Sound & ART
45 minute Classic Sauna Session: $4 for SO Sound or ART
                                                       $7 for SO Sound & ART
60 minute Classic Sauna Session: $6 for SO Sound or ART
                                                       $12 for SO Sound & ART
$7 for Dry Brushing before your Sauna Session

August Specials
15% off Free Your Mind or Demi Free Your Mind 

Free Your Mind treatments are great for relaxation as well as relief from sinus and migraine headaches.  Perfect as a stand-alone treatment or add to a massage or spa service for the full 30 minutes or enhance your service with a Demi Free Your Mind for 15 minutes

Save an Additional 10% on Massage and Spa Service Series
Purchase a Massage or Spa Service Package and receive 10% off the already discounted Series prices. Integrated Massages, Slim and Detox Wraps, and Japanese Facial Massages Series are all on special!
15% Off Energy Healing Therapy
Using a combination or Reiki and Personally Guided Energy Techniques, the body’s energy centers are realigned.  Reiki and energy healing has been shown effective in many situations.
Great as a stand-alone treatment for 30 or 60 minutes or as an enhancement for another service for 15 minutes.
Fine Print:
Please contact RASA with any questions and/or to book. Please mention the promotion when booking as well as at your appointment to receive the discount. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Cannot be used on already booked appointments. Some restrictions apply.
Back to School: You must book the first massage of an hour or more before the 25th of August to receive the 25% off rebooking special price.  The rebooked appointment must be completed by the 30th of September.  If adding Aromatherapy, please mention at time of booking.
Infrared Sauna Special: This special ends on the 25th of August.  This special is for current clients, new clients are eligible for the GroupOn promotion, but can purchase the Sauna Series through RASA by the 25th and receive the current client special.
Free Your Mind: This special is good for the whole month of August.  Limit 3 Free Your Mind treatments at the discounted price.
Series Special: This special is good for the whole month of August.  Not valid on Lypossage Series.
Energy Healing: This special is good for the whole month of August.  Limit 3 Energy Healing Therapy sessions at the discounted price.