Post-Flood Check-In and October Specials

Post-Flood check-In

Friends, I hope you are all safe and sound and as dry as you can be.  For those of you have suffered damage and loss of belongings, I am so so very sorry.  You are ALL in my thoughts.

Please let me know if there is anything anyone can do to help and I will help as I can and pass on any information to help get you and loved ones be safe and dry.

We have a great community to help hold people in need up.  Let’s stay strong and give any help we can to those who need it!!

RASA and Your Appointments This Week
Today, we are obviously closed per the local government’s request to stay off the roads.  At last check, the studio does not have power, so the rest of the week’s appointments will be evaluated the evening before.
As soon as we have power and the roads to the studio are safe, we will be up and running.  BUT, if the roads close to you are dangerous, PLEASE stay put and stay safe. Feel free to text or call to check in on the progress.  803-386-8203

Winter Holiday Gift Certificates

The Winter Holidays are Upon Us!  
Gift Certificates Available for 20% Off and Custom Gift Baskets are 15% Off!
To help you get ahead on the holiday shopping, for the month of October, all Gift Certificates and Custom Gift Baskets are on sale.
Items for Custom Gift Baskets can be chosen from the Product Page and can include a discounted Gift Certificate.  If there is a RASA Product item that you would like to include that is not on the product page, if you order early enough, it can be made available for the baskets!

Booking and Rebooking

Reposting this from last month:  
Rebook Your Appointments Before You Leave or Book in Advance 
RASA’s schedule has been booking out up to three weeks in advance.  This is not a complaint, by any means. It’s wonderful!
This is a reminder that booking in advance is best!  Maintenance is the best way to keep up with your self-care.  So booking your next appointment before you leave will help to guarantee you an appointment when you need one and a help you stay ahead of whatever issues may arise.
That being said, of course sometimes things come up and you may need to get in before your next appointment.  Or maybe your schedule doesn’t allow for booking out several weeks at a time.  I totally get that.  So please keep checking in if you want to try to come in for an appointment when you don’t have one scheduled.  Things change and schedules shift… often.  There will always be a wait list for the week.
Don’t forget you can visit the online booking request page to see what is available.  Also, as noted above, follow RASA on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with schedule openings.  The links are at the bottom of the page.

October  Specials
$10 Off 90 Minute Hot Stone Massage or $15 off a 2 Hour Hot Stone Massage
October brings us slightly cooler weather and that means time for Hot Stones! Hot Stones are great for relaxation. Hot Stones are also very effective at relaxing the muscles even more to make the stone work more effective in
longer sessions.
30 Minute Pumpkin Scrub for $45 ($10 off!)
It’s fall and that means pumpkins.  And pumpkins means pumpkin scrub!!
Made from real pumpkin, pumpkin oil, pumpkin spices, shea butter, coconut oil, sea salts, honey crystals, and demerara sugar. An exfoliating treatment with rich emollients and beneficial enzymes that help rejuvenate the skin so that is silky smooth and soft.
20% Off Spa & Wellness Medleys
Ever wanted to enjoy a spa day?  These Medleys combine different services for a truly unique experience.  Have an idea for a medley?  Let us know and we’ll create it for you!
Fine Print:
Please contact RASA with any questions and/or to book. Please mention the promotion when booking as well as at your appointment to receive the discount. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Cannot be used on already booked appointments. Some restrictions apply.
These Specials are All Valid Until the 31st of October
Gift Certificate: Gift certificates can be purchased for a dollar amount or for specific service(s).  Limit to gift certificate value is $500.  Custom Gift Baskets must contain at least 4 items (can include a Gift Certificate at discount).  Orders for Gift Baskets must be made my the 31st of October.  The baskets will be available for pickup as soon as they are ready, but no later than the 1st of December.
Hot Stone: Limit 2 discounted services during October.
Pumpkin Scrub: While supplies last. Limit 2 discounted services during the month of October.
Spa and Wellness Medleys: For Custom Medleys, must include a minimum of three services.