REOPENING- The Week of the 1st of June, Father's Day, New Booking Website, and MORE!

Ok friends, next week we begin again! 

There is a lot of information here. But it’s all important. Below you will find a lot of information about about our reopening, how we’re protecting you while at RASA, the new booking website information, a survey, an intake and release, our Father’s Day Special, and more!

Our Plan to Reopen-
Some things to know/consider before you return to RASA:

  • SC’s numbers are still going up, so we will continue to keep an eye on what the trends are and why. We are doing more testing, so that’s a part of the reason for the number of reported cases increasing. But also, with broad reopenings and many people not adhering to recommendations, the increase in cases could be coming from this. And thus, our continued need for extra caution. 
  • If you had an appointment that you missed due to the closure because of COVID-19, you should have been contacted to reschedule. If you missed an appointment over the last 10 weeks but did not receive a text, please text or call 803-386-8203 to reschedule. Those who missed an appointment/appointments due to COVID-19 will be rebooked as soon as possible. Please be patient as we try to accommodate everyone as best as we are able. 
  • There will be fewer appointments available during the week to make more time between each client to fully sanitize. If both massage rooms &/or the sauna room are in use, the appointment times will be staggered to avoid too many people moving through the space at the same time. 
  • If you had a recurring appointment, please be aware that the timing for your appointment will likely need to shift until the risk of COVID-19 is significantly reduced. When it is safer to go back to “normal” booking, we can reevaluate your appointment day &/or time. 
  • If you fall into a high risk category/categories, please consider delaying your return to RASA even further. Even taking as many precautions as we are able, there is still a risk of contracting COVID-19 or some other infection. There is always a risk of contracting something, but the need to keep our immune systems strong is especially important right now. 
  • If you feel safer wearing a mask, you are by all means welcome to do so. We will have masks on hand, but you are welcome to wear your own clean mask. 
  • You will be asked to fill out an updated COVID Intake and Waiver. To complete this form, you will need to download it and either print it, fill it out by hand, and bring it in or fill it out on your computer, electronically sign it (it will look different depending on your platform, but most platforms have a way to type, check, and sign PDFs), save it, and then send it in an email to This form will be required before each visit to RASA for a service for the foreseeable future.
  • We would also like for you to fill out a Survey. Follow the directions for the Intake and Waiver to print it and bring it in or send it in an email. This information will be used to better accommodate your needs during this time.
  • Please be aware that if you have any symptoms of a cough, cold, flu, or even allergies, just to be safe, you should reschedule. We will be following the same guidelines. 
  • We are trying to get supplies together to make and sell sanitizing wipes, spray, and gel. See below for more details!

Please reach out with any questions or concerns. 
Finally, remember that reopening the week of the 1st of June is still a goal. We hope this date will give us enough time to watch the infection rate decline and to appropriately prepare to see clients again. If the numbers increase too much, this date will be adjusted. If we find we cannot appropriately prepare, we will give you another date. If we reopen and circumstances change and require closing again to protect everyone, you will be notified immediately. 

How We Will Protect You:

  • The massage therapists who will be working next week have been tested (still waiting on results). If more massage therapists come back to work while COVID-19 is still a major concern, they will also be tested before returning. 
  • We will reschedule your appointment if we are not feeling well or have any symptoms of concern.
  • Our usual professional cleaning will continue at least once a week.
  • A cleaner deemed to be safe and affective for killing the SARS-CoV-2 virus and other microbes by the EPA (including 60%+ alcohol, thymol, and surfactants) will be used between each client to thoroughly sanitize surfaces including but not limited to the following surfaces: door knobs, light switches, side tables, chairs, the desk, the sideboard, pens, clipboards, handles, electronics, sinks and counters, commode, the benches, the water dispenser, etc.
  • Disposable cups and paper towels will be available for those who are more comfortable with those options. Otherwise, the cups will be washed in hot water and dish soap and the hand drying towels will be available and laundered appropriately as usual. 
  • Your massage therapist will wear a fresh apron with each client. 
  • Masks will be available if you choose to wear one. We will have both clean reusable masks as well as disposable masks available for use. 
  • The face cradles will either be changed out to the (less comfortable, sorry) pads that can be fully sterilized, or will have a cover that can be sanitized. Massage tables, the Thai mat, and all pillows will also have a cover that can be wiped down after each session. 
  • Sanitizing wipes, spray, etc will be available in each room.
  • We will wear a mask while with clients until we see that the risk is significantly reduced.    
  • Air Purifiers are already in each treatment room and we will be running a UV Ionic air purifier as well.  
  • A UV Light wand to sterilize items and areas more thoroughly
  • Some services will not be available for the time being. Those include (but are not limited to): 
    • Hot Stone Massage 
    • Wraps
    • 30 Minute Stand-alone services (i.e. 30 Minute massages, Sole Satisfaction, Free Your Mind, etc.) unless in conjunction with a longer service or multiple 30 Minute services
    • Certain tools may be deemed to hard to sterilize between clients so services that use those tools may not be available
  • Prepayment options are available: the card you have on file (if we have it), payment over the phone, Venmo (@Ashleigh-Rivers), PayPal (PayPal.Me/rasawsh), or Cash App ($AshleighRivers) (sorry, RASA’s bank still does not support Zelle). If you prefer to pay by check or cash there will be a box where you can insert your check or cash. For checks, please try to have them written in advance and for cash, please try to bring exact change to reduce the handling of cash. If you forget, no big deal– we can always sanitize!

If you think of anything you would like to see us do that is not mentioned, please feel free to let us know!

New Booking Website- MassageBook:

At long (long) last, the new booking website is live. We request that clients hold off on requesting appointments through MassageBook until July so we have time to accommodate all the rebookings from COVID-19. Create an account here so you can look around and request appointments when the time comes.

RASA’s website got an update too. We hope to give it a little more pizzazz in the future, but it needed an update to be compatible with a few other integrations. If you run into any issues with either website, please let us know!

Sanitizing Wipes, Spray, and Gel

After using the wipes EVERYWHERE I went for the last 10 weeks and getting requests to make them available, I decided plenty of people were looking for things like this, so here you go! I’m still waiting on a few items to arrive to get products ready to make and sell. Hopefully they will get in this week and be ready for sale by the time we reopen. If not, they will be ready as soon as the ingredients come in, get mixed up and packaged. 

Sanitizing Wipes:
Made with 95% grain alcohol, aloe juice and glycerin so they are less drying, and essential oils* and 100% biodegradable cotton (but not flushable– no wipes are truly ok for our sewer systems). These are great for your hands and some surfaces, especially on-the-go. But be aware, the oils and aloe with streak some surfaces. Be careful on wood and other porous surfaces– the alcohol is still drying.

Sanitizing Gel:
Made with 95% grain alcohol, aloe gel, and essential oils*. Made specifically for hands, forearms, etc. The aloe helps distribute the alcohol and it keeps your hands from drying out. 

Sanitizing Spray:
Made with 95% grain alcohol, glycerin, distilled water, and essential oils. This spray can be used for more than just your hands, but be sure test in small area first. Great for on-the-go situations. 

*The essential oils are chosen because they have been shown to be antimicrobial in some lab settings &/or they smell good in the mixture. Even though some of these oils have been shown to be antiviral/antibacterial/antifungal/antimicrobial in a petri dish and some other settings in a lab, this does not mean they necessarily kill the COVID-19 virus or other microbes in other settings, hence the need for the alcohol.

We Welcome Other Massage Therapists! There will be at least one new massage therapist at RASA. John Harris of The Restoration will be joining and using a massage room weekday afternoons. There may be other therapists joining over the next few months and you will be notified when/if they join with an introduction.

Kimberly Richey (a Rolfer, see below) does not expect return to RASA’s space for another few months, but you can you still check out what she has to offer and contact her with any questions. 
During COVID times, all appointments will be staggered to avoid overlap and reduce “traffic” in common spaces as much as possible.  

Kimberly Richey Rolfing:

Most of you have seen by now the information for Kimberly Richey Rolfing. When we’re not in the middle of health crisis, she works out of RASA Saturday-Monday. If you are not familiar with Kimberly or with Rolfing, I highly encourage you to visit her website to learn more!

Series Special and Other Information:

How To Make A Payment:

Payment options are the same as always, cash or check (safely in person, or by mail if you’re comfortable with that), credit card, Venmo, Cash App, or PayPal (as of now RASA’s bank does not support Zelle, sorry!). If you would like to make a payment for any of the options below, just get in touch and we will work it out! 803-386-8203

Series Packages are an Additional 5% Off Already Discounted Prices:

Since we are planning to reopen by the week of the 1st of June, we are once again extending the offer on Series Packages. 
This special includes all Series- Integrated Massage, Thai Massage, Sauna Sessions, Japanese Facial Massage, Lypossage Maintenance, Slim and Detox Wrap, and Yoga Sessions. Visit the website and look around at all the options!  
This special can be purchased now and used at a later date. The expiration on Series Package of 4, 5, & 6 is six months and Series Package of 10 & 12 is twelve months. If the need arises to adjust expirations we will make appropriate accommodations. See Fine Print at the end of this email for more detailed information. 

More Ways to Support RASA:

Gift Certificate:

If you’d like to support RASA by purchasing a gift certificate(s) of any value, we are more than happy to help with that! You just need to text or call Ashleigh at 803-386-8203 and we can make arrangements for this. The gift certificates can emailed, mailed in the post, or if you’re in the area, we can make arrangements for you to pick them up safely. 


Something else you can do to support RASA is to prepay for your next appointment. We have the ability to credit your account with RASA, so you can put any amount toward your next service or services.      

Yoga Sessions:

If you feel like your day could use a little more calm, a little more movement, some flow, some breath… Ashleigh can meet you in Zoom for beginner or intermediate yoga, meditation, or both. Zoom is an easy to use website or application to help people connect over the internet. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, a few minutes to get set up, and maybe a yoga mat (and props if you have them). Contact Ashleigh to learn more about this option! 803-386-8203.

RASA-Made ProductsRASA still has their signature RASA-Made products. Some of the stock is a little lower, but with all this time on our hands… We could get some more made up pretty easily. 

If you would like to purchase any of these items, we can arrange a pickup. We suggest getting in touch a day before so a bag with your product can be made up and set aside. Then you can pick your bag the next day. If you have concerns over making contact with the product, let it sit somewhere out of the way for 1-3 days before taking it out of the bag. 

What we have right now: Buttery Body Balm (see photo to the left), 1/2 Concentration Facial Serum, Soaking Salts, Bug Away Spray, Body Spray, Deodorants, Funky Fix Foot Powder, Funky Fix Laundry Booster, Poo Me and Deuce Truce, Arnica Oil, Soreness Soothing Salve, and finally, a few candles (not listed on the website, these are new with new scents too!). 

A Friendly Reminder- RASA’s Cancellation Policy:

RASA does have a cancellation policy (copied below). Obviously you have no control if you wake up sick on the morning of your appointment. We are understanding of these and other situations that do occur; life does happen. As a friendly reminder though, we do ask that you let us know as soon as you can if you are going to be unable to make your appointment so that we may give that slot to someone else who needs to come and we don’t lose that income entirely. We also ask that you be aware of how often you are needing to cancel last minute. Please remember that our ability to be make accommodations and not charge is limited simply because we do need income to stay in operation.  We do, as always, very much appreciate your business and loyalty! 

Cancellation Policy:
I understand that RASA has a 24-hour cancellation policy. I also understand that RASA requires a credit card to be stored in my file in order to book an appointment. If I fail to inform RASA that I will not make my appointment less than 3 hours in advance or “no-show”, my card on file will be charged the full price. If I cancel between 24 hours and 3 hours before my appointment, my card on file will be charged for half the price of the service(s). I also understand that a cancellation in the 24-3 hour window must be submitted between the hours of 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. I further understand that there are some services that require prepayment to book because of the time allotted for these services either in setup up, clean up, or length of session and because product is potentially wasted if these appointments are cancelled. I authorize RASA Whole Self Health, LLC to charge my credit card if I fail to inform them of a cancellation in the appropriate time frame listed above.
We are understanding of emergency situations, so please communicate with us should something come up.

Specials- “Fine Print”: 
Please contact RASA with any questions and/or to book. Please mention the promotion when booking as well as at your appointment to receive the discount. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Cannot be used on already booked appointments. Series packages always have expirations and this is also true when they are on special. Some restrictions apply. While appointment bookings are available (no rain checks).   
These Special expires on the 30th of June 2020:
Father’s Day Special: Up to $300 per person will be discounted at the rates above. You may purchase gift certificates for a higher value, but only up to $300 will be discounted. One purchase (can purchase multiple gift certificates) per person for the period of the discount. Please contact Ashleigh at 803-603-4923 (text is best) or to make arrangements for payment and gift certificate delivery. 

Series Packages: Limit 2 series at discounted package.
Thank you for taking the time to read this update!  We look forward to serving you soon!!