September Specials!

Hope you all are enjoying the final days of summer and are enjoying this back-to-school time!
Post Labor Day Special: (RASA is closed Mondays, so yes, we are also closed for Labor Day)
-Packages of Massages or other Services are an additional 10% off when purchased 2nd-7th of September 2013.
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Month of September Special:
-For the entire month of September, come in for a service of your choice.  Book your next appointment before you leave and receive 15% off your next service.  
-The last day to schedule the next appointment is the 15th of November 2013.
-Take advantage of the rebooking special throughout the month– come in as many times as you like during September to get this discount.
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Something Extra:
– We still have some of the Mango Orange Scrub left from the Summer Seasonal Scrub, so come in for a special treat: RASA-made in-house with all natural ingredients, including Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Mango Extract, Orange Blossom Water, and more. While supplies last, get $10 off!
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Please Contact Ashleigh to take advantage of any of these specials and MENTION the promotion to receive discount.  Specials may not be combined with any other offers.  Specials may not be used on already-booked services.  See below for Specifics on individual specials.  You may purchase from each special category per the stipulations of each category.

Post Labor Day Special (Package Discount):  Contact Ashleigh via email, phone, or text anytime between 2nd and 7th of September 2013 to purchase a package.  Just leave a message and you will be contacted to complete the transaction.  Promotional value of purchased packages of 5 are valid for 9 months and purchased packages of 10 are valid for 18 months.  The paid amount expires 5 years after the purchase date. Limit- 2 packages per client.
Month of September Special (Rebooking Special): Come in for any service during the month of September 2013 and book your next appointment before leaving to receive discount (just be sure to mention this promotion!).  No limit on number of appointments you may use on this discount during September.  If you cancel your next appointment, the discount is forfeit. If a reschedule is requested at time of cancel and an appointment is made before the expiration of the deal, the discount is still valid.  The final date for the “next scheduled appointment” is the 15th of November 2013.  
Something Extra (Mango Orange Scrub Discount): The discount of $10 off is valid while supplies last or until December 31st  2013. No limit to number of services at this discount!