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Slim and Detox Wrap

You are already perfect in your body right now, but we recognize that sometimes we are not comfortable in our skin. We want you to feel great about all aspects of who you are and feeling great about how you look can be important to your overall health as well. These wraps can be a tool to help you feel at home in your body.

A Few Things to Know Before Your Appointment:

  • Because of the way this wrap is performed, you will want to bring an extra set of undies and bra (for ladies) because what you have on will get wet
  • The wrap is applied over the bra and cotton underwear for women and over cotton shorts for men.  If you are not comfortable with this, we will provide a spa wrap to provide a little modesty.
  • You should bathe before your body wrap treatment, but without cleaners and avoid lotions.  The solution will not be absorbed through your skin if there is a barrier from soap or lotion.  You may want to consider exfoliating before your treatment to open and clean the pores so the solution can be absorbed even more.  You will not need to shower after the wrap.
  • You will need to start drinking extra water before the wrap and continue to drink extra water for 3 days after your wrap to help encourage the flushing. It is recommended to drink up to a gallon of water a day on the day of the wrap and the three following.  If this is not feasible for you, just increase your water as much as possible. The more you drink, the more you flush, the better the results.
  • If you have mild-moderate issues with claustrophobia, please mention this before the treatment begins.  It is usually easy to address these issues.  If you have more severe claustrophobia, please call so that we can discuss what in particular is a trigger and we may be able to address those triggers with some simple planning.
  • Slim and Detox Wraps are great in conjunction with Lypossage. Each enhances the results of the other for a truly amazing outcome.
  • You can expect more frequent elimination during your treatment time.

More on the Slim and Detox:

  • How it Works: The natural herb and aloe solution is formulated to be absorbed through the skin. The solution then penetrates the protein wall that surrounds the fat cells and the toxins from the fat cells then dissipate into the body’s lymphatic system.  Once in the lymphatic system, the toxins are flushed from the body during elimination.  This is why it is very important to drink as much water as possible for the three days following your body wrap.
  • Expected Inch Loss: In the first wrap, the average loss is 7-14 inches over about 20 measured areas.  But keep in mind, the loss is more substantial when there is more to lose.  The size loss comes first from new fat.  The first wrap eliminates this new fat and starts to soften the older fat and cellulite, so that the next wrap can begin to dissipate that fat, and so on.
    Each wrap, regardless of the time between wraps, is beneficial.  However, the best results are seen when the wraps are performed close together.  The wraps will soften the fat, but it will start to harden again over time.
    During your treatment time, remember to consume about a gallon of water a day to encourage the body to flush as much as possible.  Also remember, your diet will need to be adjusted for your smaller size.
  • How Often the Body Wrap Should be Performed:  It is safe to receive a wrap every day, but that is not necessary for really great results.  The best results are seen when there is time between the wraps to allow the body to flush the toxins from the fat cells.
    Again, there will be measurable results after a single treatment, but for a more dramatic effect, a series of wraps is recommended.  The most in a series is 12, which is usually enough time to see some pretty amazing results.  The recommended time between body wrap treatments is 4-5 days but preferably no more than 7 days.
  • Keeping the Lost Inches Off:  If your diet is complimentary to your life style, your actual caloric and nutritional needs, your lost inches will stay lost.  Remember, fat is not as heavy as muscle, so your weight will not change drastically unless you are dieting and exercising to specifically achieve those results.
    A series of Body Wrap Treatments can be done several times a year if desired, but if you maintain a consistent and appropriate diet, you should not need to do treatments often.  Some people choose to receive a maintenance wrap occasionally if only for the detoxifying benefits.
    Avoiding certain foods that are known to cause bloating and water retention will help keep the inches off.  Consumption of large amounts of alcohol, salty foods, inflammatory foods, and sugars should be moderated.
  • How the Body Wrap Treatment Effects Cellulite:  When the body’s waste removal system is slowed, cellulite can start to form.  Increasing circulation can help reduce the appearance of cellulite.  Receiving an exfoliating service or performing dry brushing on your own can help enhance the results of the wraps.  In a series of 12 or more Body Wrap Treatments, the appearance of cellulite is drastically reduced.
  • Breast Size and Body Wraps: If the breasts are wrapped, there is usually a reduction in size.  Over two wraps, the usual loss is about one cup size.  If breast size decrease is not desired, the breasts are avoided during the wrap.
  • Medical Problems: Please always inform your massage therapist of any health issues you may have.  Since there are no added chemicals, salt, or clay in this treatment and because this is not a compression treatment, there should be no issue for people with diabetes, high blood pressure, poor circulation, etc.
    People with cancer or other immune system deficiencies should consult with their doctor before receiving this treatment.
    If you are concerned about a topical allergic reaction to any of the herbs, the aloe, or other all-natural ingredients, please contact us to get a list of the ingredients.
    If you are under the care of a doctor for any other reason, please take a brochure or print this page and a list of the ingredients to bring to your medical provider.
  • Diet and Exercise: Adjusting the diet to reduce calories or take in a healthier diet can help enhance the results of the wrap and the inches will come off faster.  Exercise will tone and firm the muscles even more.  Exercise will also increase the body’s metabolism  and burn calories and therefore, fat.
    We encourage any client to participate in some form of exercise as they are capable and able and as recommended by a health care provider if necessary. We also always encourage any client to consider as natural of a diet as possible.  Each persons dietary needs are different, so recommending a particular approach is not wise without consultation.  Processed foods are not recommended.  If you are interested in learning more about an exercise program that is suited for you, consult an exercise specialist such as an exercise physiologist or a personal trainer.  If you are interested in learning more about what diet is best for you, please consult a dietician, nutritionist, or health coach. (RASA hopes to have a health coach and personal trainer in the next few years.  In the meantime, we can help point clients in the direction of some really great people in both these fields.)
    Always drink plenty of water to help your body get rid of waste, avoid excess of any food, but in particular alcohol, salt, and processed foods.
  • Another Interesting Outcome: The producers of the solution we use for the Slim and Detox Body Wrap have noticed another amazing effect of the body wraps.  Many clients who are smokers have noticed that their craving for a cigarette decreases after the treatment.  While the body is flushing some of the toxins from cigarettes from the body, the body craves the cigarettes less.  Following the same protocol for size reduction may also help the smoking habit too!

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