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Spa and Wellness Medleys

Get the most out of your experience with the Spa and Wellness Medleys

This treatment begins with body polish and seaweed cocoon.  While cocooned, enjoy a foot treatment giving tired feet a true treat.  Follow your treatment up with an hour massage to allow a full escape to true relaxation.

Ultimate Indulgence, Sole Satisfaction, 60 Minute Integrated Massage
2 hours and 45 minutes:…………$230

Reemerge renewed and refreshed. Therapeutic oil blends create a space for you to surrender the rest of your day while cocooned in a seaweed mask. A 90 minute massage completes the experience.

Seaweed Cocoon, 90 Minute Integrated Massage, and Aromatherapy
2 hours and 30 minutes:…………$185

Transform your body and mind with a detoxifying and body-contouring wrap.  While cocooned receive a revitalizing facial massage.  Once unwrapped, you’ll enjoy a 60 minute massage.

Slim and Detox, Japanese Facial Massage,  60 Minute Integrated Massage
2 hours and 45 minutes:………….$230

Enjoy an exfoliating and nourishing body scrub to soften and smooth your skin. Followed by either a relaxing face, scalp, shoulder, and neck massage or a foot scrub and massage.  Melt away any remaining tension with a 90 minute hot stone massage.

Body Scrub, Free Your Mind/Sole Satisfaction, 90 Minute Hot Stone Massage
2 hours and 30 minutes:…………………………………$205

Start your experience with a 60 minute yoga practice.  Take Savasana right to the massage table to relax and restore after your practice. End your journey with 30 minutes in the sauna.

60 Minute Yoga Asana, 60 Minute Integrated Massage, 30 Minute Sauna Program
2 hours 30 minutes:………………..$170

Enjoy 15 minutes of sauna time before a 90 minute massage.  While on the table or in the yoga room experience either 30 minutes of energy work or 30 minutes of guided meditation.  Balance it all out with another 30 minutes of sauna time.

15 Minutes Pre-Massage Sauna, 90 Minute Integrated Massage, 30 Minute Sandhya/ 30 Minute Energy Work, 30 min Sauna Session
2 hours 45 minutes:………………..$200

This Whole Self treatment starts with a 30 minute yoga practice and 15 minutes of sauna time to get the body warmed up and relaxed.  Then move to the massage table for a 3-hour massage which incorporates stretches, specific and deeper work for areas that are in need, and relaxation strokes.  Then go back for more time in the sauna to melt away and relax your whole body, mind, and spirit.

30 Minutes Yoga Asana, 15 Minutes Pre Massage Sauna, RASA Whole Self Treatment, and 30 Minute Sauna Program
4 hours and 15 minutes…………..$275




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