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Somatic Movement Therapy

This service is not currently available at RASA, but we hope you will contact Erin Bailey if you are interested in learning more &/or in receiving this treatment! 

Erin can be reached at 803-608-0558 and you can see what she offers by visiting her website.

Until then you can read about Somatic Movement Therapy below:

Whether you are lifting weights, taking a yoga class, carrying a child up stairs, or sitting at a computer, your movement forms a synchronized pattern. Sometimes these patterns are simply inefficient; other times they are unhealthy, causing chronic pain or injury. Through somatic movement therapy, you will become more mindful of your movement patterns and gain skills to facilitate ease and mastery in your movement life. Movement mastery involves functional efficiency and expressive satisfaction in movement.

Somatic Movement Therapy lasts between 60 and 75 minutes and has the most profound results when performed over several sessions.

Somatic Movement Therapy can help with:
  • Improving athletic performance
  • Reducing or rehabilitating injuries
  • Eliminating tension
  • Enhancing coordination and balance
  • Decreasing stress
  • Relieving pain
  • Increasing the effectiveness of your workout
  • Simply caring for your body holistically
These specific Somatic Movement Therapy sessions utilize the following systems:

Laban Movement Analysis

A framework for observing and experiencing movement patterns, developing a sense of mastery in your own body movement, including both functional and expressive satisfaction.

Effort Qualities: how we move
Spatial Access: where in space we move
Body Connectivities: what parts mobilize and which parts stabilize
Shaping Qualities: the core expressiveness in movement

Bartenieff Fundamentals

A movement technique that utilizes developmental movement patterns that reinforce the neuromuscular building blocks of movement, and thereby improving overall efficiency, coordination, and comfort in movement.

Bartenieff Fundamentals are movement techniques that focus upon achieving comfort and ease in the body including smooth flow and improved coordination. Bartenieff Fundamentals were developed by a student of Laban, Irmgard Bartenieff, who recognized that the bodymind forms patterns, or connectivites, as it develops. Irmgard found that certain movement practices improved movement efficiency for polio patients, and she developed her theory of connectivity. Connectivities are the neuromuscular building blocks of efficient movement. By focusing upon those basic coordination patterns in the body, a person may increase overall efficiency, coordination and flow of movement.

Body Connectivities:
  • Breath
  • Core/Distal
  • Head/Tail
  • Upper/Lower
  • Body Half
  • Cross-Lateral
Bartenieff Fundamentals
  • Heel Rock
  • Femoral Flexion
  • Sagittal Pelvic Shift
  • Lateral Pelvic Shift
  • Body Half
  • Knee Reach
  • Arm Circles

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