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RASA wants to help you develop your practice so you can cultivate your own individual experience with yoga and observe how it
evolves over time and how that evolution affects everything in your life in a most amazing way. Our approach to this is to offer private yoga sessions for one or two individuals.  In these sessions, all attention is on the one or two people taking the private lesson– we will focus on specific problems and use yoga to help strengthen a weaker area, create flexibility and space in a restricted area, work on alignment so the body can maintain a healthy practice, and/or be another resource for a developing or thriving practice.  (Read more about yoga here.)

Ashleigh teaches one on one or doubles in the RASA studio.  See below for a schedule of larger classes she teaches elsewhere.

Yoga Asana Sessions:
These sessions will focus solely on the physical practice of yoga with breath work and a warm-up, asana sequence for specific issues, and savasana, or resting pose, to close.

30 min Single:…………..$45
30 min Pair:……………..$30/person
In a 30 minute session, the body will be sufficiently warmed up to move through a short set of poses that have been chosen for your needs and followed by a brief savasana. (30 minute sessions are not for the first yoga session with RASA.)

60 min Single:…………..$75
60 min Pair:……………..$50/person
An hour long yoga session will allow more time to work with specific problems as well as begin to create a more well-rounded practice.  Breath, warm-up, a longer asana practice, and savasana will happily fit in the hour.  (At least an hour will be needed for a first time yoga session with RASA.)

Samasta Hatha Session:
Samasta means whole, so these sessions will incorporate what many believe makes up a whole practice– centering breath work, warm-ups, a longer sequence of asanas, longer savasana, pranayama, and meditation. (Either of these two classes are also a great way to be introduced to yoga at RASA.)

75 min Single:…………$90
75 min Pair:……………$65/person

90 min Single:…………$105
90 min Pair:……………$75/person

Sandhya means, among other things, meditation. This is a simple guided meditation session for those times you just need to be quiet and led into a blissful calm state.

30 min Single:…………$45
30 min Pair:……………$30/person

Yoga Series:

Yoga Asana Sessions
30 min Single                 Series of 5 $200                                Series of 10 $385
30 min Pair                    Series of 5 $135/person                    Series of 10 $255/person

60 min Single                 Series of 5 $355                                Series of 10 $640
60 min Pair                    Series of 5 $255/person                    Series of 10 $425/person

Samasta Hatha Sessions
75 min Single                Series of 5 $405                                Series of 10 $765
75 min Pair:                  Series of 5 $295/person                    Series of 10 $555/person

90 min Single                Series of 5 $475                                 Series of 10 $890
90 min Pair                   Series of 5 $335/person                     Series of 10 $640/person

Sandhya Sessions:
30 min Single:              Series of 5 $200                                 Series of 10 $385
30 min Pair:                 Series of 5 $135/person                     Series of 10 $255/person

Ashleigh’s Yoga Class Schedule:

Yoga at Arsenal Hill

Tuesday 9:00 am: Yoga Class

At Arsenal Hill, at the corner of Lincoln and Laurel Streets, across from Finley Park.  This class is through Infinite Yoga.  For pricing and more information, please visit

Yoga at Strong Hold Gym (Formerly Hampton Hill Athletic Club)

Monday 12:00 pm: All Levels Yoga

Hampton Hill classes available for non-members for a drop-in rate. Please call 803-667-9060 ahead to find out rates. Strong Hold is located at 5910 Garners Ferry Road (in The Shoppes at Woodhill).


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