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Choose from the options below for a little extra treat with your service(s).

(Enhancements are not stand-alone treatments, but rather are added to full-length services.)


Soothe your senses by adding a combination of essential oils. Find a medley you will love from one of the blends listed below. From scents that calm your mind to scents that relieve sinus congestion and pressure, aromatherapy can help you find your healing space during treatments.


  • Relax (deeply calming): lavender, bergamot, chamomile, geranium, cedarwood & patchouli
  • Renew (restore mind & senses): grapefruit, lemon, orange, helichrysum, & tea tree
  • Release (reduce stress and let go): orange, ylang ylang, grapefruit, bergamot & patchouli
  • Revive (enliven your day): lemon, wintergreen, ginger, & sandalwood
  • Realign (bring balance): rose, lemongrass, & geranium
  • Relief (from sinus pressure, headache, & congestion): lemon, eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, & geranium
  • Refresh (invigorate senses and breath deeper): wintergreen, peppermint, spearmint & lemon
  • Restore (strengthen the mind/body connection): cedarwood, rosemary, chamomile, & sage
  • Reflect (meditative): orange, patchouli, frankincense, sage, & ylang ylang
  • Recover (uplift & rebalance): lavender, grapefruit, rosemary, & eucalyptus

Super Rich and Moisturizing:

If your skin is a little thirstier than usual, try adding this Shea Butter Blend
to help lock in some extra moisture during your massage.

Massage Cupping: 

This ancient practice has seen a recent renaissance.  It has been used for centuries, but has been getting more and more attention as people are becoming familiar with the practice and the results.  A suction tool is used to create vacuum pressure on the surface of the skin. The cups are either left stationary, glided along the muscles, or both. The techniques soften tight muscles, tone attachments, lift connective tissue and fascia, loosen adhesions, hydrate and bring blood flow to tissues, reduce inflammation, and drain excess fluids by opening lymphatic pathways.

Massage Cupping can be used for many things pretty much anywhere: the back, the neck, legs, arms, buttocks, even feet and hands. Depending on what you need, cupping can be added to a massage without adding time, or extend your massage time for more thorough work.

No added time………Free
15 minutes……………$25
30 minutes……………$40

Somatic Movement Therapy Enhancement:

Whether you are lifting weights, taking a yoga class, carrying a child up stairs, or sitting at a computer, your movement forms a synchronized pattern. Sometimes these patterns are simply inefficient; other times they are unhealthy, causing chronic pain or injury. Through somatic movement therapy, you will become more mindful of your movement patterns and gain skills to facilitate ease and mastery in your movement life. Movement mastery involves functional efficiency and expressive satisfaction in movement. Take 30 minutes to be walked through some basic Somatic techniques to learn more about the way you move (and maybe decide you want to do more!).

To learn more about this therapy, visit the Somatic Movement Therapy page.

30 minutes……………..$55

Kinesiology Taping:

This is a rehabilitative technique that helps the body’s natural healing process while providing support and stability to muscles and joints. Taping has the ability to re-educate the neuromuscular system, reduce pain and inflammation, optimize performance, prevent injury and promote good circulation and healing, and assist in returning the body to homeostasis. Taping is safe for all ages, latex free, and can be worn for several days in a row.

5-10 minutes……………….$10

Demi Free Your Mind :

Focusing on your shoulders, neck, scalp, and face, this shorter Free Your Mind session is  a great stress reliever. It is also great for relief for headaches from sinus pressure and neck tension.  A perfect enhancement to another service or visit Massage and Bodywork for the full 30 min treatment.

15 min:……………………$30

Demi Sole Satisfaction:

Give your tired and overworked feet a treat. Your feet will feel totally refreshed and restored after a scrub, hot wax, hot towel treatment and a fantastic foot massage. A perfect enhancement to another service or visit Massage and Bodywork for the full 30 min treatment.

15 min:…………….……..$30

Hot Wax Hand &/or Foot Treatment:

This paraffin alternative is made from eco-friendly and all-natural rich emollients—no petroleum bi-products here. Heated wax warms and softens your hands and feet while you enjoy a massage or body treatment.

Hands or Feet:

5 min:…………………..……$20

Hands and Feet:

15 min:………………..….…$25

Myofascial Release Enhancement:

The structures of connective tissue that surround muscle, groups of muscle, and other structures that allow them to slide easily over each other are fascia. Sometimes the fascia gets bound up and restricted. Myofascial Release uses movement and slow sustained pressure over an area to help the fascia unbind and let go to restore movement and relieve pain. Visit Massage and Bodywork for longer treatments.

10 min:……………..$25

Energy Work:

Add an energetic boost to your massage or other service. Great for a specific problem, or just to bring you into a deeper relaxation and place of healing during your other service.

10 min add-on:…………$20

Nap Time:

Ever wanted a little extra time after your spa service to relax, a little sleepy time, and the option to take your time even more getting ready to return to your day?  Well, now you have that option.  After your service, your therapist will make sure you are comfortable and cozy before stepping out to give you some quiet time.  When the time comes, your therapist will gently bring you back to the waking world.

15 min add on:……………$10

30 min add on:……………$25

Infrared Photon Stimulation Therapy:

This Light therapy facilitates healing on a cellular level. The energy of the light is converted into cell energy. The cell uses this energy to produce rejuvenation and healing. The LED therapy can help with many things including general pain relief as well as pain and discomfort from osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, wound and injury healing, nerve issues including diabetic neuropathy, as well as cellulite, wrinkles, aging, acne, age spots, and other skin disorders.

10 min add-on:…………$15

30 min add-on:…………$40

Learn more about Infrared Photon Stimulation Therapy.

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