New Location for RASA

Big changes coming to RASA next week! It’s taken more than a year of searching, but … RASA finally has a new home! After 10-ish years in the white house on the hill that we have so loved, it’s time to move on. Ashleigh has had some problems with the house’s environment contributing to her asthma for a while, but it has gotten considerably worse in the past few months and worse still this past month. We also really don’t want our clients to have to deal with any issues from the building either, so when we found a place that could work, we decided even if it’s not what quite we had in mind, it was time to make the move.

RASA will begin to transition into the new space this weekend and will be taking clients in the new location starting next week. It will take some time for some of the changes that space needs, so please be patient as we make the updates needed. Some are more aesthetic and some are more functional and we will likely continue to shift the space as we figure out how to best fit into the space. We appreciate your patience during this process!

The new location is about 5 minutes up the road (depending on traffic), right off the corner of Beltline Blvd and Forest Dr (behind where the Wells Fargo was recently taken down). The address is 3608 Landmark Dr. Forest Acres SC 29204 in the colonial-style buildings. RASA will use the back entrance.

Coming from the old RASA location, simply go up Cross Hill and continue on to Beltline. Just before the intersection at Forest Dr, turn right onto Landmark drive. 3608 is the first building on the right. Turn in and park on the side of the back of the building.

Coming from any other direction, access Landmark Dr. from Forest Dr. At the Forest Dr. access to Landmark is McGregor and Company on one side and Vital Energy on the other. Once on Landmark, continue down toward the road until you see the colonial style buildings. You can turn in at the first building and then turn between the buildings to park behind 3608, or keep going and turn in after 3608 to park on the side or the back of the building.

Also, we are WAY more accessible now! There are a few stairs on side of the entrance OR you can use the ramp. There are not designated ADA spaces (nor is the restroom ADA, but at least no more steep stairs!), but there are several parking spaces toward the end of the ramp.

We look forward to welcoming you in the new location and enjoying the evolution of that space with you!